Together we tailor make a coaching package to suit your business needs.



Option A: Individual Coaching


Weekly 1 hour sessions are offered to unlock the potential in the stylist, manager, and/or owner. The coaching model includes topics, goals, outcome assessments and realistic options.


Email communication, paperwork assignments, weekly visitations and some required homework provide continuity between sessions and improved skill development.


The coaching model encourages greater self-awareness and responsibility and focuses on building inner resourcefulness.


Private space is required for meeting.








Option B: Group Coaching


Group coaching encourages collaboration, connection, and a shared purpose. The foundation of this approach is that when people feel connected, they are more productive.


By drawing on collective wisdom and shared experiences, group members learn to support and challenge one another on professional goals.


The group coaching plan encourages individuals to function together on a team, improving opportunities for both individual and salon success.





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